Are Cockroaches Really Dangerous?

The most abundantly found creepy crawlies after ants are the cockroaches. They are found everywhere. They will invade the kitchen, the pantry, the bathrooms, the closets and even the bedrooms. The three essentials they are looking for in the homes include the food, proper shelter and an appropriate supply of water. In the presence of these three essentials you can definitely expect the bird mite removal.

Surveys and researches have proved that about 78 to 98 percent homes witness the presence of the cockroaches. They are present both in the urban and the rural set ups. They are known for being good at playing hide and seek. This is because they have a nocturnal behaviour. They usually live in colonies. A small cockroach anywhere in the home means that there are several others waiting for you.

Sometimes they increase so rapidly in the number that it becomes hard to get rid of them easily. The common questions that come to mind regarding the cockroaches are:

Can they transmit any serious diseases?

Will they hurt?

Can they cause serious allergies?

Here we have sorted out the answers for you so you can understand the truth behind these unwanted intruders.

Can they transmit serious diseases?

cockroaches are rich in a disease causing agent called pathogen. A recent research reveals that there are almost 30 different types of bacteria that are associated with the cockroaches. The diseases caused are not widespread but contained to a single person or a few individuals. The World Health organization states that in severe conditions the cockroaches can cause diseases like plague, typhoid, diarrhoea, leprosy and other viral diseases. If they are not playing a primary role, then we can’t ignore their supplementary role in disease spreading either.

How do they hurt?

The presence of cockroaches is a problem in itself. Finding even a single cockroach can be really fearsome for many. This presence is enough to confuse the people and cause anxiety. It is very rare that they bite any human.

Can they cause serious allergies?

The cockroaches might not cause allergies but they can worsen the allergies. Usually the people suffering from asthma or other similar allergies can suffer more in the presence of the cockroaches. Some species contain a special protein that is known for causing the allergies. The allergies are often triggered due to their saliva, moltings and the waste left around.

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